"CHERKESSKSTROM" Ltd is a manufacturer of building plaster, dry building mixtures LITOX and expanded clay KEPOR.

Our company began its history in 1992, when did the idea for the construction
plant of expanded clay gravel. Just over two years was introduced in the first  kepor.jpg
The Russian Federation production of high-quality clay gravel due
private investment. In early 1995 built in an open field expanded clay plant, consisting of two production lines, started the first production. A high degree of automation and a host of advanced technological and engineering solutions plus high-quality raw materials Circassian clay deposits has led to the fact that by the beginning of 2000-ies our expanded clay gravel trademark KAPOR became widely known throughout the South of Russia. Today products "CHERKESSKSTROM" Ltd is a high quality

construction material used in the construction of individual housing, and the most important Olympic venues, in Sochi. These facilities include: Main Media centre with accommodation for 600 rooms, a Small Ice rink for skating and many other objects.
But time does not stand still. In 2006, matured the idea of expanding production and two years later was a plant for the production of dry building mixtures of the registered trade
brand LITOX®. Development of formulations of dry building mixtures of LITOX® was carried out in an accredited laboratory centre       

"CHERKESSKSTROM" Ltd under the guidance of doctor of technical Sciences, academician of the RIA, honorary Builder of Russia M H. Tamova. Fully automated equipment allows to produce up to 100 tons of modified dry building mixtures in change.
Use in our mixes imported additives of the best world manufacturers, the human factor, due to the full automation of production, and continuous quality control as the original components, and final products can produce a mixture of the highest quality. Recipe mixes are regularly updated taking into account the opinions of our customers and consumers, and the equipment is constantly being upgraded. Today mixes LITOX® include: a line of tile cement adhesives intended for facing a variety of surfaces, both inside and outside of the premises; the levelling mixes and leveling floors - from the initial rapid hardening self-leveling; gypsum plaster machine and hand application; cement plaster reinforced for machine and hand application; cement putty; mounting the mixture. Our special pride is a quick - setting self-leveling floor "COMPOSITE" composite binder, which has no analogues at the moment manufacturers of dry building mixes on the territory of the SFD and NCFD. In the near future ruler of dry building mixtures of LITOX will increase significantly. At the end of 2014 was a plant for the production of gypsum binder G6, G7 B-II (construction gypsum, alabaster). In this regard, increases range of mixes on gypsum binder, namely: Start-gypsum plaster hand drawing, Platinum(platinum)-universal professional plaster hand drawing, Comfort-extremely easy mix hand application with a unique low flow, gypsum plaster, polymer fillers CPS, etc. Own fully equipped with the most modern equipment, accredited centre "CHERKESSKSTROM" Ltd allows continuous control of manufactured products, which meets all of the Russian, European and world standards.

WIDE GEOGRAPHY of DELIVERIES of building plaster, mortars, LITOX and clay of KEPOR: Russia, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.